Ministry of natural resources and environmental protection of the Republic of Belarus

The Republican Center for Hydrometeorology, Radiation Control and Environmental Monitoring


Observation network

Air monitoring in Minsk

 - Atmospheric air monitoring stations          - Automatic atmospheric air monitoring stations



Atmospheric air monitoring stations in Belarus

  - Analysers measure the content of solid matter fraction PM-2.5;   - Analysers measure the content of solid matter fraction PM-10

 - Automatic station;  - Sampling points of the snow cover;  - Sampling points of atmospheric precipitation;  -Sampling points of air

 - Complex background monitoring station;  - Transboundary migration station


Radiation Monitoring Stations

 - NPP;   - mid-annual wind rose;  -  zone of NPP influence;     - radioactive fall-out from atmosphere;   - radioactive aerosols in atmosphere; 

 - landscape geochemical poligons;  - points of measurement of dose gamma-rate;   - local response center


Surface water monitoring