Ministry of natural resources and environmental protection of the Republic of Belarus

The Republican Center for Hydrometeorology, Radiation Control and Environmental Monitoring


Radiation Control and Monitoring

Padiation situation in Belarus

Radiation control and monitoring is a system of long-term regular observations carried out according to the program and aiming at assessing the present conditions of the radiation environment and forecasting its change in the future.

Radiation monitoring is an integral part of the National System of Environmental Monitoring in the Republic of Belarus.

The purpose of the National radiation monitoring is to conduct nation-wide observations of radionuclide concentrations in the atmospheric air, sur-face water and soil, to forecast and identify trends in their changes aiming to prevent negative situations threatening public and environmental health, and to provide State authorities with reliable information about the radiation environment for taking operational and managerial decisions preventing and mitigating negative situations.

Presently, the radiation monitoring network of the atmospheric air in-cludes:


- 56 observation points located at weather stations and posts where the ER is measured;

- 26 points of observing radioactive fallouts from the atmospheric air (us-ing horizontal boards) that are located at weather stations and posts;

- 6 points of observing radioactive aerosols of the surface layer and at-mospheric fallouts (using filter ventilation plants) in the cities of Minsk, Mogi-lyov, Gomel, Braslav, Mstislavl and Pinsk.